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North Vancouver – Lynn Valley RMT Job Posting


We are a well-established, ten year old clinic of eight therapists located in Lynn Valley on the North Shore.  We get along extremely well, support one another’s success and are not competitive about clients.  We have five rooms, electric tables, Jane online booking  and really wonderful clients.


I’m looking for a very therapeutic minded practitioner who is focused and effective and can work with a variety of clients – office workers, athletic/physically active clients, parents, some teens in competitive sports, some elderly people too.  We practice in a diverse neighbourhood and we’ve built a reputation as having really talented therapists.  I have the time and energy to work with a new grad to teach them many tricks I have learned in fourteen years of practice.

I also do a 80/20 split (in the therapist’s favour of course) with the usual daily cap when therapists are starting out in case they have any slow days, which are unlikely but it’s there just in case.


I need coverage for one weekend day and  2-3 evenings. These are the times we regularly turn people away for.  The schedule can be quite flexible (Sun, Mon,Tues, Wed or Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat) and you may start with three days and move to four when you have more clientele.


Rent is $78./day incl. GST.  Half days are $62. Incl. GST (8:00/9:00-2:00 or 2:15-7:00/8:00).  There is no laundry or reception and you supply your own sheets and oil.  Debit and credit card fees apply, but I have secured some pretty good rates.


We are five minutes from the Ironworkers (Second Narrows) Bridge. Check us out at:  www.lynnvalleymassage.com



Contact:  amy@lynnvalleymassage.com


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