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Becoming a registered massage therapist is a rewarding career choice one has to work hard for. Each stage of the learning process towards earning a massage therapy registration is set up for students to experience the challenges that may come up in their career. But what exactly will you learn while working towards this diploma? Education Overview All students in ...
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Around the world, massage therapy is gaining momentum. The time-tested healing technique has stepped out of luxury spas and salons into clinics, hospitals, airports, and health clubs. Massage involves more than just applying pressure to specific parts of your body to ease stress. It involves a thorough knowledge of the human body to relieve deep-seated health disorders that manifest as aches and ...
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Results from a study based on salaries extracted from job descriptions have reported that Registered Massage Therapy in British Columbia can earn you a healthy $56 an hour! This has the potential to total over $100,000 annually - a good 3.3 times above Canada’s average annual salary. An RMT who has just entered the industry can earn over $70,000 in their first ...
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Do you have a hand for healing and caring? Perhaps you should contemplate a career as a healthcare professional in massage therapy. Vancouver College of Massage Therapy offers the academic and hands-on training required to become a registered massage therapist. What does that entail? Let us explain in detail. FAQs on Registered Massage Therapy What is Massage Therapy? Massage therapy ...
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