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Results from a study based on salaries extracted from job descriptions have reported that Registered Massage Therapy in British Columbia can earn you a healthy $56 an hour! This has the potential to total over $100,000 annually – a good 3.3 times above Canada’s average annual salary. An RMT who has just entered the industry can earn over $70,000 in their first year. Is this enough for you to consider a career as an RMT?

Registered Massage Therapy- A Rewarding Career Path

The RMT diploma program is a rewarding healthcare journey where you acquire an in-depth and thorough understanding of the human body. You will learn about a Registered Massage Therapist’s role in treating patients suffering from different health disorders by using a variety of massage techniques. The program combines theoretical know-how with practical hands-on skills. After graduation and successfully passing the CMTBC Registration Exams, you will be qualified to work in various healthcare settings in the country. Here is an overview of what you will learn:

● Gain a thorough understanding of a variety of massage treatments
● Explain health benefits, risks and procedures
● Administer massage techniques, remedial exercises and self-help programs
● Offer suggestions on home care for further improvement and rehabilitation
● Understand RMT regulations
● Consult with other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, and psychologists for developing comprehensive treatment plans for patients
● Graduates can be self-employed or look for employment in hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, rehabilitation, extended care, and team practices

RMT Program Pathway

1. Specialized Courses: RMT is exciting but certainly not easy. It requires dedication to walk through several steps, working your way through the multiple semesters made up of specialized classes and then on to passing the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC) Registration Exams successfully.
2. Recognized Institution: You need to choose the right college for your RMT certification that offers a strong program and follows the comprehensive course guideless of the CMTBC Occupational Competency Profile. The program is not just academic, as it evaluates skills in communication, professional conduct, relationships with both colleagues and patients, and much more.
3. 20-Month or 32-Month Program: Both the 20-month or 32-month programs train students in massage therapy best practices to recover from ailments, understand wellness therapies and develop relaxation techniques. This means learning the fundamentals of neurology, physiology, anatomy, clinical science and other medical sciences. In addition, you will also have theory classes on safe massage techniques for a variety of patients suffering from many different ailments. To practice your skills, you will have to apply your knowledge on classmates and in the public clinic to prepare you for your journey in the real world.
4. CMTBC Registration Exams: Once you are done with the program, you will be required to prepare for the CMTBC Registration Exams with proof of education. You have to pay their exam fee, carry letters of recommendation and apply for the written exams. The practical exam involves real-life scenarios where you must make mock-diagnosis and prepare treatment plans. The exams are judged by established professionals who determine their expertise.

Vancouver College of Massage Therapy

If you are considering full certification in RMT or wish to have more information about the course, fill out the website form or call us. We are happy to take you through the course requirements, assessment protocols and address any queries you have in mind. Apply today to start on a career you can be proud of.

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