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Massage therapists are not the same as masseuses. Spa massage is focused on the clients overall experience, and their goal is not to help with functionality but rather to give the client the experience they are after, it can be therapeutic, but that is not the goal. Massage therapy is all about achieving a therapeutic outcome and returning functionality to the patient. So what does massage therapy treat? Many conditions can benefit from massage therapy, and massage therapy is a great preventative care program for overall wellness. Here are some of the things that massage therapy can successfully treat!


Arthritis is a joint inflammation disorder that refers to over one hundred conditions. Massage therapy cannot cure arthritis, but it can help deal with the symptoms of joint pain and stiffness.
Massage therapists work with their patients with arthritis to reduce swelling and improve the range of motion impeded by arthritis.

Frozen Shoulder

The proper name for frozen shoulder is adhesive capsulitis, and it is marked by pain, stiffness, and reduced range of motion in the shoulder. Frozen shoulder goes from stage one, freezing, which is painful and affects the range of motion, to stage two, frozen, where pain decreases but the range of motion is limited, to stage three, thawing, which is where the range of motion and pain returns. Since someone can suffer from this for upwards of five years, massage therapists work to decrease pain and return the range of motion as fast as possible.


Bursae are small cushions that are near joints which provide support and comfort. An inflamed bursa is called bursitis. While rest is the most critical part in reversing bursitis, massage therapy
can help to reduce tension in the muscles around the joint and return a person to regular use faster.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

A repetitive strain injury is an injury caused by repetitive motions made to the same joint for a prolonged time. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tennis elbow are two common ones. These types
of injuries are very common in athletes, labourers, and even office workers who do a lot of typing. Treatment for these conditions range all the way from rest and medication to surgery. Massage therapists can help make a self-care plan for patients that incorporates stretching, strengthening exercises, and posture correction as well as relieve tension in muscles during sessions.


Stress can have an awful effect on the body and a persons ability to function. People who are suffering from stress can end up with too tight muscles, restlessness, headaches, and disturbed sleep. While massage therapy cannot cure your stress or stop what is stressing you, it can help deal with the physical effects of stress.

Are you interested in becoming a registered massage therapist? There are so many massage therapy benefits, and helping patients regain function and feel their best is an incredibly rewarding career. The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy is here for you to take your next career step. We offer full-time and part-time options. If you are interested in having massage therapy, we also provide treatment options, and you can book an appointment online! Contact us today.

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