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WHERE: 1635 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 2W5

EMPLOYMENT: Part Time Monday/Friday/Saturday

We are looking to hire a part time massage therapist for our busy new clinic in Vancouver.  We are located in a booming community, with Olympic Village and Mount Pleasant just steps away.  Public transit is conveniently nearby (via skytrain and bus) and parking can be potentially negotiable.  We are welcoming new grads or established practitioners to join our team which also includes two experienced physiotherapists.  We have two existing therapist will full caseloads and anticipate that you will be fully booked very quickly.

This opportunity will include benefits such as:

  • Receptionist
  • Jane App online charting and scheduling system
  • Dedicated massage therapy room
  • Direct billing
  • Linens and laundry service provided
  • Lotions and gels
  • Business cards
  • Flexible hours
  • Great location in a busy area
  • Pay structure can be negotiable

Possition is Par

We would love for a passionate and committed RMT to join our growing practice. You can find our website at www.thephysiolab.ca for a feel of what our clinic will be like. Send your resume to Kenneth@thephysiolab.ca .


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