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WHERE: Kitsilano, 408-2150 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 4L9


Cadence Health Services is looking for an RMT to join our clinic. Rent is a 30/70 split with a cap of $1700 for full time or day rate for part time. Rent includes online booking, first set of business cards, all office and clinic supplies, linens, and laundry. The clinic has been in operation for over 10 years so we have a really strong client base. We also have a long standing relationship with many physiotherapists, medical doctors, and personal trainers in the area.  I strive to create an environment at the clinic that is non competitive, supportive, fun, and engaging. I offer one on one mentoring to therapists who are interested. The clinic has a lunchroom where we often hang out exchanging idea, asking questions, and having a good laugh.

We are located in Kitsilano surrounded by awesome coffee shops and restaurants. The Steve Nash gym is in the building which makes fitting a workout into your day super easy. The treatment rooms are a good size with hydraulic tables. Therapists make their own hours within their day with flexibility to make up missed days if desired. I’m open to a full or part time therapist.

We are also willing to hire new grads as bodyworkers who have not yet written their boards.

If this seems like a clinic that you would be interested in joining please email me at:

brooke@cadencehealth.ca or call 604-734-3434

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