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Becoming a registered massage therapist is a rewarding career choice one has to work hard for. Each stage of the learning process towards earning a massage therapy registration is set up for students to experience the challenges that may come up in their career. But what exactly will you learn while working towards this diploma?

Education Overview

All students in this program will learn extensive massage therapy material which includes everything from the anatomy and physiology of the human body to the neurology of the brain and nervous system, business procedures, ethics and professionalism. This diploma integrates an internship program for hands-on experience, to ensure a successful future as a registered massage therapist.

Vancouver College of Massage Therapy

At the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, we offer a five-level curriculum for full-time students. At level 100, we’re devoted to teaching you foundational anatomy and physiology, as well as the hands-on skills to provide an appropriate and comfortable massage experience. Level 200 is where students start to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom into a clinical internship here at the student clinic, or out on one of our numerous outreach locations.


At level 300, the classroom experience intends to expand their critical thinking skills. They’ll learn more about rehabilitation, case management and other methodologies, including the management and treatment of specific conditions. Level 400 continues to build the critical thinking and problem solving skills when therapeutic treatments, reasoning and advanced assessments are put into practice. Students learn how to treat a wide range of conditions, some more complex than others, throughout this level. The clinical internship experience is continued during these levels so students can directly apply what they’ve been learning in the classroom.


And lastly, level 500 works to integrate information learned from the previous levels to help complete the puzzle of the human body and refine the practical care for patients with varying conditions, from injured athletes to the terminally ill. Online courses aren’t available at VCMT, or many other massage therapy programs as it’s a hands-on occupation. This means that learning through hands-on experience is necessary to get the most out of your studies and tuition.


In Canada, tuition for varying massage therapy programs can range from $15,000 to $35,000. This pricing doesn’t include books and other supplies so keep that in mind. At the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy, you can expect to pay around $32,500 for a full-time program and $35,000 for a part-time program. While on the higher end of the spectrum, your education includes everything and anything you could possibly need to succeed in a massage therapy career. Proper education is a large investment. You need to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth over the 2,700 academic hours and 550 practical hours it’ll take to get earn your diploma.


At VCMT, our five-tier program is taught over the course of a 20 month period for full-time students. Part-timers will experience eight four-month long semesters over the course of 32 months and an eight-level course structure. A full list of all prerequisites for January, May or September admissions application is available online at https://vcmt.ca/entrance-requirements/. With the combination of classroom and clinical experience and our small class sizes, visit our website if you’re interested in completing a massage therapy diploma with us!


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