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If you plan to pursue massage therapy as a career, choosing the best massage school will be one of the most crucial and daunting choices to make. Starting your career with the right form of education is imperative, especially for careers that involve high levels of skills and dexterity. Once your basics around massage therapy are clear, it becomes easy to pursue your career. To start properly, determine which program suits your career intention, whether it is making it as a primary occupation or just supporting occupation. You may also want to consider what kind of program matches your personality, your schedule and also some budgetary constraints.

Here are some things you want to do before finalizing a school:


Research plays the most important role in determining what and where will you study. Different schools have different programs, syllabus and fees. It is prudent to consider what balance do you like. Just because a school has the lowest fees doesn’t mean they are the best option. Consider going through the curriculum, the faculty who are teaching, their credentials, the educational institute’s credentials, etc. In case of any ambiguity, make sure to contact them and seek answers before you pay for a course.

Career Plan

Massage therapy is a highly sought after career path. With health practitioners viewing massage to be an important part of overall wellness, many people seek massage therapy as part of their palliative care or even general health maintenance ritual. This indicates that a career in massage therapy may be a great prospect. Research has indicated that employment prospects of massage therapy specialists are projected to increase by 24% by 2026, making it a sunrise sector for a career. Moreover, owing to the nature of therapy, massage professionals have already started finding their way in massage parlours, physicians offices, in-home therapies, health clubs, salons, resorts, etc.

Preparedness for this career

While education is a huge aspect of this career, there is also an attitudinal aspect. As a therapist, a general commitment to promoting well-being, inclination to help others to feel better and building a great rapport with all the clients are important aspects of this profession. Moreover, skills like time management, punctuality and good communication skills are absolutely important for this career.


Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for several specializations. Typically, a 750 hour massage therapy program comprises of multiple coursework topics. Starting from kinesiology to anatomy, physiology, pathology, chair massage, Swedish massage to even entrepreneurship, if you are ambitious about starting your own business in massage therapy; the coursework caters to different kinds of massages.

If you are not sure what kind of program suits your personality, budget or time, speak to the professionals at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy to know your options. Our wide range of coursework, reputed faculties and a host of course options can help you decide your path based on your personal preferences.

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