Acupuncture School VS Massage School: Which is Best for Me?

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With the growing popularity of alternative medicine in the form of therapies like acupuncture, massage, or physiotherapy, many students in Vancouver are eyeing a career in non-traditional medical streams. It is no surprise that massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors are increasingly sought after because of the effective results that these sciences are bringing to patients in the most natural way. There are many reasons why students choose a career in alternative medicine. One question that most students have when choosing their stream of specialization is whether to opt for an acupuncture school or a massage school.


Although ideally, some of us would like the idea of embracing both the forms of alternative medicine and be able to study and master it, it is practically impossible to be a master of all trades as far as medicine is concerned. So if you are contemplating whether to opt for massage or acupuncture, here are a few things you need to consider.


If you are thinking about going to an acupuncture school, remember that you need to share the ideology of this science which is healing from within with a spiritual inclination. Most acupuncture students believe that a truly healthy person means healthy in body and mind. As this concept is the core of many acupuncture programs, it is essential that you believe in it. Most acupuncture and other Oriental Medicine schools generally prepare their students to not only understand the principles behind their practice but also expect them to understand and believe in the power of healing from within.


Acupuncture school also lays a lot of focus on the infusion of right food and nutrition, so if you have an interest in nutritional studies, this course may be particularly interesting for you. Apart from that acupuncture schools also have courses that teach other forms of healing, for example, cupping, oriental bodywork, moxibustion, etc. In addition, the school also encompasses courses that give a perspective on western medicine and the relation of western medicine with acupuncture therapy. As the stream of acupuncture finds a firm base of believers, its popularity as a form of effective medicine has increased manifolds. Naturally, the number of medical students opting for courses in acupuncture therapy has also increased.


If you are someone who likes to have a hands-on approach when treating their patients, massage school may be more suitable for you. Massage therapy students need to work with patients on a very personal level.


The teaching faculty of a massage therapy college in downtown Vancouver confirms that massage courses don’t just focus on the actual practice of massage but also give equal importance to the study of human anatomy and physiology. Many medical students who have some previous medical experience or knowledge related to anatomy find this stream of study particularly interesting. If you have a particular interest in the human body and physiology appeals to you, studying massage therapy in Vancouver’s best massage therapy college may be something you will enjoy.


Although massage and acupuncture are both fascinating areas of study, the decision of what to opt for is a completely personal one. If you are confused about choosing the right path, speak to an admissions counsellor at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. They will be able to guide you to choose the right course depending on your interest and personality.


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