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There are many reasons why you may consider massage therapy as a career option. Firstly, it is a more natural and alternative form of healing which is a great professional fit if you identify with the philosophy of holistic and natural healing. Secondly, as an RMT you get to meet and interact with several kinds of people having different types of ailments, from injuries to illnesses and conditions. Thirdly, massage therapy as a career can be very rewarding, as you are able to see your patients improve their physical and emotional health as a result of your massage treatment, which can be quite fulfilling. If you are passionate about meeting and interacting with people and helping them with their health issues, massage therapy is a career for you.

Choosing a career which is also your passion can be a tough decision and you may be at a crossroad as to whether to opt for something that you feel passionate about or to choose something you can make a successful career from. Here are some top job benefits that you can expect from your profession as a massage therapist as reasons why being an RMT can blend your passion for helping and healing with a successful and stable career:

Work hours

When practicing independently, you can choose your work hours around your lifestyle and priorities. Many women and men, especially with family responsibilities, love to work as self-employed massage therapists as they can adjust their schedule around their family commitments easily. This flexibility helps them to take time off when needed and to create their own schedules.

Job opportunities

As more and more people are turning towards alternative forms of natural healing, therapies like massage, chiropractic, etc., are getting a lot of responses from people. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates at least a 20% hike in the demand of massage therapists making it a lucrative profession. RMTs in BC are able to graduate and walk into full caseloads their first day on the job.


If you are a massage therapist working at a clinic or spa as a full-time employee, it is possible to receive standard employee benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, etc. Many employers also offer commissions, bonuses, discounts, free massages, and liability insurance for their employees. Even as a massage therapist, you can experience the perks of a job that many people enjoy.


Whether you are working in a company or are self-employed working as an RMT, you can earn a decent wage. An RMT will often receive roughly 70% of each treatment. As a self-employed RMT, you can choose how many massages you would like to do a day and how many days a week to work. Your earnings will be more or less depending on how much you choose to work.

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