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EVSRC is looking to hire a Part Time or Full-time Registered Massage Therapist to our team. We are a new Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic seeking a dedicated, bright, sport minded, high energy RMT.  Our clientele includes gen pop, grassroots athletes, professional athletes, and ICBC/injury.

Qualifications: Person is registered with the College of Massage Therapy. Has no legal offenses against them. Is friendly, self-motivated, able to work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary team, willing to participate in local community events, and has a passion for continuing education?  Although not a requirement, prior sport and/or competitive experience in a team or individual setting is a plus,

Benefits: Negotiable and competitive wages/splits, treatment room, supplies, on-site laundry, and a multi-disciplinary team. We provide administrative support so you don’t have to, work with you to help you build a clientele base and offer a variety of outlets to showcase your knowledge and skills to the community.


Company Background:

We are found in East Vancouver, where the vibe, grit, and industrial feel shapes our work ethic. The EVSRC team comes from a competitive background in sport’s. We apply that experience to rehabilitation in the belief that coaching, education, movement, and a science-based treatment approach can deliver superior results.

EVSRC is grounded in movement, sport, and achievement, with our core approach being #movementmindsetmastery.  We strive to help our clients and athletes, whether that is through recovery from injury, return to sport, or supporting enhanced performance goals.


Our clinic is roughly 4000 square feet, and integrated with a 10’000 square foot performance training center which hosts a variety of athletes and clients, allowing for a super fast-paced, and engaging environment.


If interested, please contact us at:



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Thank you,


Matt Holtzmann, Clinic Director

East Vancouver Sports & Rehabilitation Clinic


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