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You may have big muscles but even the most physically fit among us find it hard to escape those invisible viruses and microbes from invading and infecting our system. During seasonal changes when the weather is unstable, even the healthiest bodies struggle to adapt. A struggling body is a vulnerable body that picks up diseases easily from those around you, even from the air you inhale, the water you drink, the food you consume and the infected surfaces you touch.

In the winter months, things get more difficult. While you look for ways to stay warmer, so do viruses and bacteria which look for a warm host to sustain themselves. 

There are ways to minimize chances of picking up bronchial allergies, cold or the flu from weakening your system. Take note of these tips that your mom may have told you about, but you never paid heed to. These tips may help you stay healthier this year.

Proper Hygiene

Bacteria has one big enemy that drives them away – antibacterial soap. Wash your hands with warm water and soap often to keep illnesses at bay. Use antibacterial soap every time and hydrate with a moisturizer to keep away dryness. Keep soap in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and use antibacterial hand sanitizers whenever you can. Cover your face when you sneeze and wash your hands immediately before you infect others. Cold and flu viruses linger on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours and on soft surfaces, such as fabrics, for a bit less but still enough time to get you sick in bed. Never bite your nails. That habit can get germs in your system in no time. Daily showers with antibacterial soap keep you feeling fresh and drives germs away. 

Flu Shot

Some diligently take a flu shot every year. Others feel it doesn’t help them much. But here is the medical truth: a flu shot does not give you the flu! The more people get it, the fewer people would be exposed to the virus. The shot takes about a couple of weeks to kick into effect so get it as soon as the weather turns a little chilly but not quite freezing. A good time is when the leaves start to fall, towards the end of October. Through the winter, you will feel better and healthier.

Sleep, Diet & Exercise

A well-rested body is healthier than a sleep deprived one. Insufficient sleep weakens the body as does excessive sleep. About seven to eight hours of sleep is ideal to keep your body healthy and disease-free. Moderate exercise and regular activity on a daily basis works wonders to keep you sniffle-free. Load up on vitamin-rich raw vegetables and fruits, keep your body hydrated with water and sugar-free beverages.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an important part of healthcare. A massage now and then under the hands of a professional boosts the immune system, keeps your blood circulating, improves lymphatic drainage, relieves stress and relaxes the mind, working wonders to keep germs at bay. It’s a great way to make sure you’re taking care of yourself during a busy and stressful season.

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