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Elios Health is a clinic serving the adventure minded. We are trusted with people’s bodies, minds, and stories. They come to us to help improve their performance and we bring a multi-disciplinary approach to their care. Len Chong, physiotherapist for the Canadian Sport Climbing Team has established this clinic to provide care for adventure seekers, by adventure seekers. We work with several athletes on national teams in various sports. Our RMTs and physiotherapists work collaboratively in a positive atmosphere to support our clients’ needs and cherish the opportunity to make activity-specific recommendations.

The opportunity includes:

-electric up-down tables, linens, and laundry

-flexible schedules

-excellent location on Main Street with lots of foot traffic

-percentage or daily rate flexibility

-Jane App booking software

-on-site POS system

-part time administrative support

-online charting

-direct billing to major providers

-In Service Activities and mentorship


To learn more about our clinic, visit: elioshealth.com, and follow us on Instagram @elios_health


To apply, please send a cover letter and a fun version of your resume to len@elioshealth.com

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