Our full-time and part-time programs combine both classroom and practical student clinic experience, to make sure our graduates have the full range of skills they need to succeed and thrive as RMTs. 

Our program combines the clinical and wellness models of massage therapy in our full-time and part-time program options. Our full-time program is 20 months long, with classes 5 days a week from 8:30-4:30, and our part-time is 32 months long, with classes 3 days a week from 8:30-4:30.


Full Time – VCMT admits three full-time classes per year, in Fall, Winter and Spring:

Winter 2022 – January 4th 

Spring 2022 – May 2nd 

Fall 2022 – August 29th 


Part Time – VCMT has a new part-time intake every 8 months, starting either in Fall, Winter and/or Spring.

Spring 2022 – May 2nd 

Winter 2023 – January 3rd

Application Process

VCMT provides an industry leading education to motivated students interested in entering the massage therapy profession. VCMT admits three full-time classes per year with intakes occurring in September, January and May and also has a part-time program with a varying number of intakes each calendar year. VCMT seeks students with the academic qualities, personal standards and commitment levels that lead to high levels of success in the program and in their future careers as Registered Massage Therapists. An interested applicant must complete the following steps to complete their application to the VCMT Massage Therapy program.


  1. Application Form: Complete the VCMT application form CLICK HERE and email to


  1. Interview: Upon receipt of the application form, the director of admissions will be in contact to schedule a one-hour application interview. The interview is intended to determine the fit and readiness of an applicant to achieve success in a strenuous program such as this.


  1. Academic Transcripts: A successful applicant must have completed their high school graduation (dogwood) or equivalent. They may provide this documentation at the time of the interview, send it in via mail or email it to
  • International students or students who have completed their education in a language other than English will need to have their transcripts officially translated and an evaluation of equivalency to BC academic standards may be required. This can be done through an ICES (International Credential Evaluation Service) completed through BCIT, or similar evaluation service.
  • Post-Secondary degrees or courses are considered advantageous for an application and may be submitted as part of a portfolio.


  1. English Standards: Strong English skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking are essential for this program. A student must have achieved an average of at least 70% in their English 12 or equivalent English course. If that standard wasn’t achieved, or if their education was completed in a language other than English, the English Standard can be met through one of the following ways:
  • Complete ABE Provincial level English, with a final mark of 70%; or
  • Achieve one of the following minimums: PLI (Level 5), IELTS (6.5), CAEL (60) or TOEFL Int (85); or
  • Successful completion of a minimum of 2 years full-time studies at an English-speaking college/university; or
  • Complete the VCMT English Essay Assessment with a minimum score of 70%


  1. Portfolio: A portfolio may contain supportive documentation or evidence indicating the applicant’s level of readiness and commitment to complete the RMT training program successfully. It may include: post-secondary degrees, certifications or courses, relevant work experience, volunteer experience, reference letters or resumes. Any portfolio documentation that an applicant wishes to submit may be brought to their interview or mailed/emailed to the director of admissions.


  1. Introduction to Massage Weekend Workshop: The Weekend Workshop must be completed prior to starting the program. Completion of a similar course at another school may be accepted. Please provide documentation to the VCMT admissions for confirmation.


  1. Final Pre-requisites: Successful applicants will then be given the final documentation to be completed before enrolment into the program. This will include:
  • Secure a document-clear Criminal Record Check (VCMT)
  • Have immunization or immunity against all diseases listed in VCMT’s ‘Immunization and Communicable Disease Form’.
  • Meet the health requirements listed on the ‘VCMT Health Assessment Form’.

Note: Final decisions regarding the suitability of a candidate rest fully with VCMT and its Admissions representatives. Intakes can often be quite competitive and wait-lists form well in advance, so we recommend to submit an application 4 – 5 months in advance of a desired start date. We also strongly recommend some post-secondary science courses, such as Anatomy & Physiology, to strengthen an application. 


Any questions about the VCMT program or the application process may be sent to an admissions representative. Interested applicants may also request a one-on-one advising session prior to starting the application process. Admissions can be reached via email at or by phone at 604-681-4450 ext. 303. You can CLICK HERE for the Application Form.

Info Sessions, Student for a Day, and Introductory Workshops

Considering becoming a student at VCMT? Come to our campus and live the experience! Join us for an evening information session, become a Student for a Day or take our introductory weekend workshop (a prerequisite for admission to our program).

 For more information on VCMT’s admission and student policies and requirements, please consult our Student Manual and Policy Guide.


International Students follow the same application process, but must provide their study permit a minimum of one month prior to starting the program. They will be given a conditional letter of acceptance which they can use to obtain their study permit.


For more information on how to apply for admission into the VCMT full-time or part-time program, please contact Admissions.

If you are ready to begin the application process, please complete the application form and email it to The admissions team at VCMT will then be in contact with you to arrange an interview and provide instruction for the next steps of the application process, which includes submission of transcripts and portfolio items.