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About Continuing Education Courses

VCMT hosts a variety of continuing education courses by RMTs and other professionals from Vancouver and area. Continuing education courses are designed to enhance your abilities as a healthcare professional and to connect you with the best and brightest.

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VCMT is well equipped to host both practical and lecture courses. If you are interested in hosting a course at VCMT, please contact Maria at

Reconciling Biomechanics with Pain Science with Greg Lehman

July 21-22, 2018
Cost: 475$

This 2-day course is geared toward the health care provider and fitness professional. With emerging research there is often the feeling that a traditional approach needs to be wholly discarded. Instead, this course helps the therapist to integrate the pain science and biopsychosocial model of pain with traditional biomechanical techniques. The course simplifies many of those techniques and distills the most relevant and important aspects of those techniques for pain resolution and injury management. An emphasis is placed on exercise prescription, symptom modification and graded exposure for injury management and simple techniques to start addressing the psychosocial aspects that influence both pain and performance.

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Science based manual and movement interventions for RMT’s

With Eric Purves and Richard McIlmoyle

August 25-26, 2018
 Cost: 450$

This 2 day course focuses on the latest evidence-base and relevant science behind how massage therapy, manual techniques, movement and exercise interventions exert their effects on the musculoskeletal system and influence sensory and behavioural change.  The focus is on using manual and movement interventions in a manner that is consistent with the evidence and theories of how biopsychosocial factors can impact pain and its related disability.


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Pelvic Health for the Non-Pelvic Health Practitioner

With Sarah Haag

August 18-19th, 2018
Cost: 450$

This 2 day course will be a comprehensive introduction to the world of Pelvic Health.  ‘Pelvic Health’ includes more than just the pelvis, and this course will cover not just issues men and women are more likely to experience, but also how healthcare providers can address those issues.  Pain, incontinence, dysmenorrhea, pregnancy, menopause, and female athlete triad are just some of the issues that will be addressed in this course.  Bowel and bladder function will be addressed in detail, as well as basic assessment and interventions that will be within the scope of practice for participants.

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Muscle Energy Technique for the Neck and Upper Thoracic Spine 

October 12th, 2018, 3:30-6:30PM, Oct 13th & 14th, 9AM-5PM
 Cost: Early Bird: 455$, Regular 475$

This course includes motion testing of the vertebrae from occiput to T4 and treatment with gentle contract/relax. Met for this area is used to treat headaches, neck pain and stiffness and more. An introduction to pain science concepts gives an alternate model for how we think about assessment and treatment.


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Kinesio Taping Canada 

October 27th-28th, 2018
 Cost: 550$ Early Bird, 600$ thereafter

Day 1: Teaches the unique qualities of Kinesio Tex Tape and its method related to human anatomy. Attendees will practice epidermis, fascia and muscle applications to the body, educating you how to relax overuse syndromes, stimulate weak muscles, and decrease pain and swelling.

Day 2: Advanced will teach you six Corrective Technique (Mechanical, Functional, Space, Fascia, Ligament/Tendon, and Lymphatic) applications for treatment of a variety of clinical conditions and dysfunction related to the spine and extremities. Attendees will be able to perform the techniques and applications for treatment of pain, spasm, swelling, weakness, joint mobility and stability related to orthopedic & neurological conditions. Our curriculum reflects 25 years of educational seminars, symposiums, forums and professional sharing among tens of thousands of professionals.

Contact: Lana Berton (PT, CKTI) or Roger Berton (DC, CKTI) at 519-979-2663

Fascial Manipulation with Cheryl Megalos PT

Sept 7-9th, Oct. 19-21st 

Cost: 1375$ + 5% GST

Fascial Manipulation is a manual therapy method that has been developed by Luigi Stecco, an Italian physiotherapist from the north of Italy. This method has evolved over the last 40 years through study and practice in the treatment of a vast caseload of musculoskeletal problems. It focuses on the fascia, in particular the deep muscular fasica, including the epimysium and the retinacula and considers that the myofascial system is a three-dimensional continuum. Dr. Carloa Stecco and Dr. Antonio Stecco have carried out extensive research into the anatomy and histology of the fascia via dissection of unembalmed cadavers. These dissections have enhanced the pre-existing biomechanical model already elaborated by Luigi Stecco by providing new historiological and anatomical data. This method presents a complete biomechanical model that assists in deciphering the role of fascia in musculoskeletal disorders.

The mainstay of this manual method lies in the identification of a specific, localized area of the fascia in connection with a specific limited movement. Once a limited or painful movement is identified, then a specific point on the fascia is implicated and, through the appropriate manipulation of this precise part of the fascia, movement can be restored.

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