VCMT Full-time Program

The full-time course includes five levels, taught over five (5) four-month semesters, over a 20-month period.  Students will attend school five days a week, on either a Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday schedule. VCMT admits three full-time classes per year, in September, January and May.

Level 100

Level 100 prepares learners for successful completion of the program, and for entry into the student clinic internship. A significant portion of the instruction in this level is devoted to developing ‘hands-on’ skills to develop palpation and anatomical locations. Throughout the term, you will enhance your communication skills while using both medical and lay terminology.  Anatomy and physiology 100 introduces the systems of the body, laying the foundation for future levels. Level 100 courses build skills so learners will have the appropriate knowledge and attitudes to confidently execute a relaxing massage and to begin their internship.

Level 200

In Level 200, the clinical internship begins. This is where students work under supervision at the school’s public clinic and at outreach placements. The clinic internship in Level 200 allows students to put their classroom knowledge into practice, demonstrate compassion and communication, and develop therapeutic relationships with clinic clients. Outreach placements also provide students with an opportunity to give back to the community, and experience both personal and professional growth. In this level, students are also introduced to several new subjects such as orthopaedic pathology, general pathology and therapeutic exercises. Students are also taught new manual techniques to enhance their treatment capabilities.

Level 300

Level 300 courses introduce concepts of rehabilitation, case management, clinical reasoning, and critical thinking methodology. Application of skills and knowledge are fostered in the clinic internship and classes to allow students to gain confidence in critical thinking.  Students are given opportunities to work with athletes, elderly, patients with AIDS, and patients with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.  Level 300 teaches students additional therapeutic techniques and assessment skills to provide care for clients. Orthopaedic and systemic treatment classes will teach students to manage and treat conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, scars, headaches, cardiovascular and respiratory conditions etc. Integration of didactic and practical information is an important aspect of training in Level 300. Students are also taught advanced manual techniques such as joint mobilizations, and guidelines for working with athletes in sports treatment.

Level 400

The Level 400 clinic internship offers placements that allow students to practice clinical reasoning, advanced assessment and therapeutic treatments.  These placements prepare students to provide therapeutic techniques for treating a wide range of conditions. Orthopaedic and neurological courses will challenge learners with more complex conditions and cases. Specific myofascial assessment and treatment skills are further enhanced at this level.  Modalities and techniques are taught for assessment and treatment of the spine such as muscle energy and spinal mobilization.

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