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Hosting CEC Tim Hunt, Registered Physical Therapist

Description of CEC – Effective Exercise Prescription for Massage Therapists—14 CE credits

Date of CEC – Sat., May 25 – Advanced Neck and Upper
Extremity Course
Sun., May 26 – Advanced Lumbo-pelvic and
Lower Extremity Course

Instructor: Tim Hunt, Registered Physical Therapist

The primary goal of this practical hands-on course is to improve massage therapists’ understanding and clinical skills in order to effectively achieve clients’ rehabilitation goals. An alternative exercise model of optimum muscular control and improved biomechanics will be clearly presented.
Course participants will be more confident in recognizing common pitfalls of exercises, including body compensation strategies during various exercises used to rehabilitate familiar conditions ranging from…

Cervical whiplash-associated disorders and rotator cuff injuries to “tennis elbow” in the Neck and Upper Extremity Course, and

Low back and sacroiliac joint pain related to hypermobility syndromes, plus patellofemoral pain to persistent Achilles tendinopathy in the Lumbo-pelvic and Lower Extremity Course

Cost of course: $450 for both days $250 for one day

Prerequisites: None

Please contact Tim for further details

Contact to Register ; Tim Hunt Cell: 604-787-7422
E-mail: westvantim@gmail.com