Frequently Asked Questions

Massage therapy is increasingly high in demand, and the job market for RMTs is booming for new therapists entering the field. All our graduates find work. RMTs find opportunities in multidisciplinary clinics – working with other massage therapists, physiotherapists, and chiropractors – while others rent out a treatment space and create their own flexible schedule.

VCMT graduates are highly sought after by employers. Clinic owners and employers consistently contact the school looking to add a VCMT alumnus to their team. Employers who hire our grads tell us that it’s our dedication to professionalism, teamwork and excellent customer service that sets our grads apart, and makes them the most sought-after new RMTs in the marketplace.

Yes. In fact, VCMT is the only massage therapy college in BC that offers a part-time program. The RMT profession attracts a wide variety of people who are at varying points in their lives. Many of our students choose to pursue massage therapy training while continuing to work, or have families or loved ones they need to care for while attending school. Our part-time program gives students flexibility in their training that helps them to meet the many other demands in their lives. Classes still run from 8:30am – 4:30pm, but the part-time program runs on 3 days per week so students have more opportunity to work or take care of their responsibilities while in the program. The full length of the part-time program is 32 months. 

Yes, both our full-time and part-time programs qualify for BC Student Loans. Student loans are provided through, so we encourage you to visit their website to learn more. It can be a great way to receive support for tuition, although we tell students not to expect their living expenses to be covered by student loans as well.

When it comes time to apply for student loans, we provide the steps in the student loans application process. We have staff members who provide guidance through that process so that each student can maximize what they’re able to receive.

To become an RMT in British Columbia, graduates of an accredited BC Massage Therapy Program must successfully write the registration exams set out by the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC). After a student graduates from VCMT, they are eligible to apply to write the registration examinations by visiting the CMTBC Online Portal and completing the Application for Registration. Only after passing all three exams does a graduate receive their license to practice as an RMT. 

VCMT is an accredited institution that is registered with the Private Training Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education (PTIB) and accredited by the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA). 

We are proud to say that the first-time pass rate for VCMT alumni continues to remain far above the provincial average of all other schools. Our students are top performers at the exams because they arrive prepared and supported. We provide several Registration Exam Preparation classes as our students near the end of their diploma program, which prepare students to perform well in the written and practical sections of their exams. After graduation we invite alumni back for mock exams to further prepare them to succeed in the CMTBC registration exams.

Additionally, we provide ongoing care to the small number of graduates who do not pass their exams the first time they write them. Alumni who need additional support are able to audit classes at VCMT, and can meet with a VCMT staff member to set up a success plan. 

At VCMT we have a very low attrition rate. Prospective students will be well informed of VCMT’s program requirements, culture and expectations from meeting with our staff during the admissions process.  Prospective students also have the opportunity to be a student for a day, meet current students for questions, be mentored by students in the introductory massage course and experience our clinic services.

We closely monitor our student’s progress during their training to provide ongoing support to ensure success.  With small class sizes and a supportive relationship between faculty and students, students tend not to get lost in a crowd at VCMT.

or more information on how to apply for admissions, contact us todayYou can also check out our application process on our becoming a student page. 

After applying for the program, our team will help guide you through the process of gathering your requirements and registering in the program best suited to help you succeed.  VCMT has three different starts for our full-time program in January, May, and September. Part-time program start dates either once or twice annually, so check our website regularly for updates.

Yes, RMTs in BC can move to other provinces, as BC is a regulated province with the highest standards in Canada. However, RMTs coming from unregulated provinces cannot practice in BC unless they first pass the CMTBC registration exams.

Students may take a one semester break in full time, or two semesters in part time, and join up with the next cohort, providing there is space in the next cohort.