VCMT is dedicated to the massage therapy profession, and to providing excellence in education. Our diverse instructional team is comprised of leaders in the RMT field who are successful practitioners in their own right, along with chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and other skilled educators. Instructors work in partnership with an administrative team dedicated to ensuring the quality of your student and alumni experience. 

Our instructors provide students with extraordinary opportunities to learn, integrate and apply advanced techniques in myofascial techniques, craniosacral therapy and manual lymph drainage. Included in our curriculum and tuition, students will attend a series of cadaver labs at Somatic Explorations with instructor Chris Hagey, RMT. At each of the labs students observe different regions of the body in pre-dissected cadavers (pro-sections).

We also regularly host guest speaker, including personal injury lawyers, small business experts and more, to help prepare our students for their careers, and inform them of the opportunities that exist in our field.

    • Jane Abbott, RMT
    • Michelle Almasi, RMT
    • Laurie Baird, BRE, RMT
    • Melanie Beck, RMT
    • Andrey Burkovsky, RMT
    • Dominque Cleary, RMT
    • Shawn Cheng, RMT
    • Diane Casteel, RMT
    • John Dang, DC
    • Samantha Eibenstiener, BSc, MA Psychology, RMT
    • Gillian Freeman, RMT
    • Mark Golin, BSc
    • Terri Green, RMT
    • Jay Guarino, DC
    • Robert Hackwood, RMT
    • Jennifer Halisky, RMT
    • Kiara Hanemaayer, RMT
    • Nicole Hunter, RMT
    • Jessica Hutson, RMT
    • Stephania Johnson, RMT
    • Jana Konkin, RMT
    • Amanda Lee, BSc, MEd, DC
    • Kevin Nevins, RMT
    • Ben Ngui, RMT
    • Basam Nyaeme, MD
    • Kimen Peterson, RMT
    • Meredith Murray, RMT
    • Tia Ramos, RMT
    • Carolyn Roper, RMT
    • Jaime-Leigh Sager, BSc, RMT
    • Ann Sleeper, RMT
    • Harminder Sihota, RMT
    • Carmen Tanaka, ND
    • Matt Thompson, BSc, RMT
    • Barb Tyers, BPHE, RMT
    • Brad Watt, RMT
    • Carole Wong, RMT
  • Grace Wu, RMT

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“VCMT’s team is made up of a diverse group of experienced and exceptional health care practitioners all with the same goal: to provide quality education.”
– Bianca Ashe, BHSc, RMT