RMT Program

Part Time RMT Program

VCMT is the only college in BC that offers a part-time program.

Part Time RMT Program

The RMT profession attracts a wide variety of people who are at different points in their lives and careers. Many of our students choose to pursue massage therapy training while continuing to work, or have families or loved ones they need to care for while attending school. Our part-time program gives you flexibility in your training to help you meet the many other demands in your life.

Part-Time Program

Part Time RMT Program

The part-time program is 32 months, made up of 8 semesters. Students will attend school three days per week, with class from 8:30-4:30. The scheduled days could be Monday/Tuesday/Friday or a Monday/Wednesday/Thursday, depending on the intake.

Upcoming Intakes:

May 2022 – Start date of May 2nd, 2022

January 2023 – Start Date TBD

Level 100

Part Time RMT Program

Level 100 prepares learners for successful completion of the program, and for entry into the student clinic internship. A significant portion of the instruction in this level is devoted to developing ‘hands-on’ skills to develop palpation and anatomical locations. Throughout the term, you will enhance your communication skills while using both medical and lay terminology.

Level 200

Part Time RMT Program

Level 200 courses continue to build on the knowledge and skills from Level 100.  Students will gain confidence and preparation for entry into the student internship, such as clinical assessment and therapeutic exercise. New manual techniques are taught so students can begin to develop skills in order to treat therapeutically.

Level 300

Part Time RMT Program

In Level 300, the clinical internship begins, where students work under supervision at the school’s public clinic and at outreach placements.  The clinic internship in Level 300 allows students to put their classroom knowledge into practice, demonstrate compassion and communication, and develop therapeutic relationships with clinic clients. Outreach placements also provide students with an opportunity to give back to the community, and experience both personal and professional growth.  Students are also taught advanced manual techniques in orthopaedic therapy and sports therapy, and learn to manage a variety of conditions.

Level 400

Part Time RMT Program

Level 400 courses teach concepts of case management and introduce students to critical thinking methodology. Application of skills and knowledge are fostered in the clinic internship and classes, to allow students to gain confidence in critical thinking. In Level 400, students learn additional therapeutic techniques and assessment skills to provide care for clients. Courses introduce students to the principles of treatment for systemic pathologies. Integration of didactic and practical information is also an important aspect of the training.

Level 500

Part Time RMT Program

The Level 500 clinic internship offers placements that allow students to practice clinical reasoning, advanced assessment and treatments. These placements prepare students to provide therapeutic techniques to a wide range of conditions. Courses such as systemic and neurological therapy will challenge learners with more complex conditions and cases. Myofascial treatment techniques will further enhance palpation, assessment and treatments skills.  Students are given opportunities to work with athletes, elderly, patients with AIDS and patients with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.

Level 600

Part Time RMT Program

In this level, the number of clinic internship opportunities increases. This allows students to integrate, practice and build on their therapeutic skills. Modalities and techniques are taught for assessment and treatment of the spine, such as muscle energy, peripheral nerve conditions and spinal mobilization.

Level 700 & 800

Part Time RMT Program

The last two levels focus on ensuring program integration, and assisting students with board exam preparation. This includes a review of anatomy & physiology, pathology, orthopaedic conditions, systemic conditions and palpation. Included is a boot camp course designed to prepare students for oral practical exams and clinical science exams. Students will also be taught several advanced manual techniques, such as Cranial Sacral and Manual Lymph Drainage.  A significant portion of this level is devoted to the clinical internship to integrate skills providing care for clients with a variety of conditions, such as high-risk prenatal clients in hospital settings, terminally ill patients and athletes. Instructors will work closely with learners to ensure the concepts and treatment principles taught in the classroom are properly understood and applied. This is to ensure students are ready for success and to excel in their future massage therapy careers.

Part Time RMT Program

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