VCMT values a strong sense of community and culture. The VCMT Alumni Program intends to foster that sense of community, not only for students who are in the midst of the program, but for those who have graduated and begun their professional careers as RMTs. VCMT Alumni can look here for different social events, continuing education, or opportunities to give back and invest into the community. We encourage all Alumni to stay connected!! 


Be a Mentor! The Alumni Mentorship Program is an initiative put on by the VCMT Alumni Committee to connect current students in the program with a VCMT Alumni Mentor. Many grads have gone through the program saying that they received a lot of support along the way, and in turn would love to give back to those currently in the program. The mentorship might vary from students who are just getting starting and looking for some advice as they settle into the rigors of the program, to those who are close to graduation and looking for wisdom as they transition into their professional career.

If you are an Alumni interested in being a mentor, or a current student looking to connect with a mentor, click the link to the info page and you can simply fill out the questionnaire, which will then allow the Alumni Committee to pair you up with an individual with similar interests!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at